Is Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) The Secret To Younger-Looking Skin?

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Do you ever wonder how social media influencers, actors, and celebrities keep their skin looking so young? To be honest, looking young is one of the most cherished dreams of many people. 

Platelet-rich plasma is one of the secrets to having skin that looks years younger. It is a cutting-edge technique that does not involve invasive surgery and is very gentle on the skin. The primary objective is to restore the radiance and smoothness of the skin that one had when they were younger.

PRP has been used for a long time in orthopedic medicine. However, recent research has shown that this treatment has aesthetic benefits when applied to dermatology.

Experiencing Signs Of Aging? There’s A Way Out!

One of the most common motivations people turn to cosmetic treatments is to combat the signs of aging. One of the telltale signs of aging is when we experience facial wrinkles, which can cause many people to lose self-confidence. Thankfully, the PRP procedure can help them regain self-assurance and move on with their lives.

So, what is PRP? How exactly does it function, and what advantages does it bring you? Keep reading the article to find the answers to these questions.

What Is Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment?

The platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment was initially developed in the 1980s and 1990s when it was found that PRP could aid in the healing of wounds, reduce inflammation, and stimulate the growth of new cells during surgical procedures. In orthopedics, it quickly became standard practice for treating sports injuries, bone fractures, heart surgery, tissue repair, and other conditions. 

PRP has been shown to possess exceptional healing capabilities; consequently, researchers have begun investigating its potential use in other fields, such as dermatology, in light of these capabilities. They then discovered that platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, can help improve the quality of the skin and ward off the signs of aging! 

As soon as it was given the green light for topical use on the skin, medical practices all over the country began implementing the procedure to better meet their patients’ requirements.

The extraction of platelet-rich plasma does not involve any discomfort or difficulty. It does this by drawing blood from the patient to collect the concentrated platelet-rich protein. The protein contains many growth hormones and other components necessary for repairing damaged tissue. Additionally, it facilitates the production of collagen, which gives your skin a more toned, vibrant, and smooth appearance.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP), in conjunction with a skin needling procedure, induces small punctures or “injuries” to the skin’s surface, enables the platelet-rich plasma protein to penetrate the dermis more deeply, and aids in the rejuvenation of the skin.

How Does It Enhance Your Skin?

The platelet-rich plasma (PRP) extracted from a patient’s blood contains growth factors, cytokines, chemokines, and plasma proteins, all of which can speed up the healing process, increase tissue growth, and produce more hyaluronic acid.

The skin’s ability to repair itself reduces with aging. Since PRP possesses the essential growth factors for the healing process, its application in cutaneous rejuvenation has been the research subject. In one study, twelve different areas of the face, including the forehead, areas affected by crow’s feet, cheeks, and nasolabial folds, were treated with three intradermal PRP treatments.

The researchers, imaging, and patient assessment contributed to measuring and analyzing the effects. Every patient completed the study, and no serious adverse events were noticed. 

Imaging and patient assessments have concluded that the patient’s skin texture has improved. Additionally, improvements were made to the skin’s smoothness, elasticity, and barrier function. At the one-month mark, clinical and patient assessments revealed some progress in the skin’s texture and the reduction of the signs of aging. 

What Happens During A PRP Treatment?

Before deciding which method will be most appropriate for your circumstances, your provider will first examine your skin. 

After that, blood will be drawn from your arm and spun in a centrifuge to separate the cells rich in platelets from the rest of the blood. After waiting for ten minutes, your blood is ready to be injected into the designated region of your skin to regenerate damaged tissue and produce new cells.

The entire platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment takes about half an hour. At the injection sites, you might experience some bruising. Despite this, it is reasonable to expect that most people who undergo the procedure will be able to resume their daily routine the moment they step out of the clinic. 

Benefits Of PRP Treatment

PRP treatment injections can help tighten skin, regenerate tissue, and stimulate collagen production, all of which contribute to a more youthful appearance of fullness in the face. 

Acne scars can be treated with it, as can shallow contours, plumper lips, and softer facial wrinkles and creases. It can also be used to enhance shallow contours. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections have also been shown to stimulate new hair growth in people who have experienced hair thinning or loss.

PRP injections offer several benefits, including the following:

  • No downtime
  • Low risks of side effects since the plasma comes from your own body rather than being manufactured from chemicals
  • Quick appointment
  • Cheaper than surgical alternatives
  • The results continue to improve after the treatment

How Many Injections Do You Need?

According to the research findings, most successful treatments involve three or more procedures for the patient. You will need to visit your provider’s office at least three times to have blood drawn, plasma extracted and then injected back into you.

Depending on how prevalent signs of aging are on your skin, you might need more than three appointments. 


The platelet-rich plasma treatment (PRP) is frequently referred to as the secret treatment for youthful skin. Thanks to recent advancements, you, and not just social media influencers or celebrities, can now access this treatment. The cost of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments has been steadily coming down over the past several years, making them more available to the general public. If you are interested in the treatment, contact us and come to KOR Aesthetics for a consultation.