Difference Between Botox® And Jeuveau®? Can We Use It Together At The Same Time?

Woman Taking Anti-Wrinkles Injections | Kor Medspa in Wyomissing, PA

Wrinkles come with age, but we’d rather not have them. There are many strategies to eliminate wrinkles and even more ways to avoid them. Cosmetic procedures like Botox® and Jeuveau® can be used to reduce wrinkles without the need for surgery.

Having a healthy diet and exercising regularly can help delay the onset of wrinkles. Likewise, following a skincare routine can also protect your skin longer from signs of aging. However, once the wrinkles are there, healthy living won’t do much to eliminate them. 

Some skincare products’ effectiveness claim that they can reduce the appearance of wrinkles is questionable. Jeuveau® or Botox® may be an option if you’re having trouble with wrinkles. So what are these products, and how can they help address wrinkles? Can you use these products together?

More Similar Than You Think

There is a fair deal of overlap between Botox® and Jeuveau®. Though both botulinum toxins are neurotoxins, they can be used in low doses without risk. Many medical conditions can be treated by using Botox® and Jeuveau®, but their most common use is to reduce wrinkles.

Both injectables are non-invasive and work by resting facial muscles for a short period. When this happens, the muscles don’t have a chance to contract, which means fewer wrinkles. However, the trace proteins they contain and the manufacturing methods employed make them two different products. 

How Botox® And Jeuveau® Are Different?

The two injectables, Botox® and Jeuveau®, appear nearly identical at first glance. They both have the exact active ingredient, which makes them both effective at reducing wrinkles (Botulinum Type A). However, your dermatologist may recommend one over the other due to a few key distinctions.

Product concentration is the most significant difference between them. To put it another way: Jeuveau® has a dilution factor of almost three to one versus Botox®. Depending on where the injectable is located, your provider may need more product to fill one area than they would need to serve another. So it stands to reason that Jeuveau® would be more expensive than Botox® in light of this; however, that is not the case. 

With Botox®, the cost per unit is much more expensive. The price per treatment is lower than that of Botox®, but a more significant number of units are needed for the Jeuveau®

Jeuveau®‘s molecular behavior and distribution in the body are also unique. It spreads faster when applied over a larger area with fewer injections due to its composition. As a result, the primary difference between injectables is how your provider administers them. When treating a specific condition, an experienced provider will employ both approaches.

  • Botox® is an exceptional option for fine lines and wrinkles on the lips, the crow’s feet, and the like. It is ideal for use in confined spaces because it moves slowly and has a high concentration.
  • Jeuveau® is beneficial for treating fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead and other areas of the face with a larger surface area. It starts working right away and dissipates evenly.

As a result of the difference in concentration, either one can be used without risk and at a meager cost.

Who Should Consider Botox® And Jeuveau®?

Currently, both Botox® and Jeuveau® are approved by the FDA. According to medical experts, adults between the ages of 35 and 65 are the best candidates. Other considerations are as follows:

  • Wrinkles on the face should be moderate to severe, and the skin care techniques recommended by a provider should have had little or no effect, making it necessary for Botox® and Jeuveau®
  • Wrinkles that can be effectively treated by either Jeuveau® or Botox®, such as the areas around your lips, cheeks, and eyes, as well as the forehead, other types of wrinkles may require fillers or other cosmetic treatments. 
  • There shouldn’t be any previous skin conditions, so your health should be relatively good before getting this treatment.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding or have a known allergy to Botulinum Type A, you should not have the procedure. In the possibility of a severe illness or infection, notify your provider.

Botox® And Jeuveau® Procedures

The procedure for administering Jeuveau® and Botox® is the same. Booking a consultation with your provider is the first step on your journey to injectables. Doing so gives you information on what treatment options are best for your skin. In other cases, a single treatment session might include Jeuveau® and Botox® injections at the same time. 

Injectable treatments such as Botox® and Jeuveau® don’t require surgery and can be completed in as little as thirty minutes. Injectable solutions can be administered during a patient’s lunch break—this isn’t an unusual request in our clinic. Also, they have a higher success rate and a shorter recovery time than invasive procedures. 

An anesthetic is then applied to the skin to reduce pain during the procedure. Your healthcare provider will administer Botox® or Jeuveau® injections to the appropriate areas.

Compared to Botox®, Jeuveau® injections can sometimes go deeper into the muscles. Your provider can treat a larger area because of the more profound shot. After a quick skin examination to ensure everything is going as planned, you can go about your day as usual.

Effectiveness Of Botox® And Jeuveau®

Both injectable treatments are highly effective in smoothing out wrinkles and other telltale signs of aging. A 2019 study found that 88% of patients were satisfied with the results after just 30 days. Additional treatments are required every three to four months to maintain Jeuveau® results.

For up to four months, Botox® is a risk-free and effective treatment that can be extended to six months, depending on where it is injected into the body. Botox®‘s effect on more localized areas, like the lips and eyes, lasts much longer.

Eventually, the neuromodulators will break down into simple proteins that the body can break down and use. This is a great time to set up a follow-up appointment, as you’ll notice some movement in your muscles and wrinkles returning.


Botox® and Jeuveau® can be used together when tackling wrinkles. However, they cannot be used on the same sites and have to exist beside each other—not on top of each other. If you are interested in either of the two treatment options, feel free to contact us and drop by our clinic anytime!