The Amazing Benefits Of The O-Shot® And What To Expect After Treatment

Woman Taking O-shot Injection | Kor Medspa in Wyomissing, PA

There will inevitably be fallout as we age. As women age, their bodies alter in ways that can diminish their libido, cause urinary incontinence, and cause vaginal dryness. If any of the following worries have been plaguing you recently, take heart! If you take the advice in this post, your situation will improve dramatically as soon as you finish reading it. O-Shot®, also known as an Orgasm Shot, is a technological advancement that puts an end to such unpleasant experiences.

Here’s what you should know about O-Shot and how it may benefit you and address your concerns. 

What Is O-Shot?

Marketed as a tool to increase desire and promote healthy genitalia, the Orgasm “O” Shot is a revolutionary treatment that does not require invasive surgery. Orgasms are stronger and more often for surgical patients, and they also report feeling more aroused and using less natural lubricant.

During O-shot therapy, the patient’s platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is extracted from their blood and reintroduced into their body. The injection is effective in treating a wide range of symptoms associated with aging. Under local anesthesia, the patient receives an injection of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) through the vaginal canal and clitoris. Because of this, finishing it won’t even feel like work.

The theory behind PRP is that injecting platelets will entice the patient’s stem cells, which will then multiply and repair damaged vaginal tissue, enhancing the patient’s sexual response.

O-Shot Procedure

Small amounts of blood (about 6-8 ccs) will be drawn from a vein in your arm during the session, “venipuncture” describes taking a blood sample from a patient’s vein for diagnostic purposes. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is extracted from whole blood by centrifuging it in FDA-approved collection tubes. PRP is then withdrawn into a syringe for injection. With the completion of Phase I, we may go on to the next stage.

An anesthetic cream is applied to the vaginal and clitoral areas, and then one cubic centimeter of the spun PRP is injected into the clitoral glans. The provider will be aided in administering the PRP injections more efficiently using this.

Subcutaneous injection of the remaining five ccs of the fluid is finally administered to the G-spot. It’s a big plus that this therapy only takes a few hours or minutes out of your day. If your doctor feels more injections are necessary to treat your symptoms adequately, they may prescribe that you get them. 

Patients rarely experience any pain, and when they do, it is usually mild and short-lived. The O-Shot is a simple and painless procedure. With a mild cream, we numb the region. Although individual reactions may vary, most patients report feeling no more than mild discomfort. The injection causes a mild pinch or warm feeling. This non-surgical method requires no downtime for healing. Time to finish, including numbing, is often under 30 minutes.

Benefits Of O-Shot Treatment

The O Shot® has seen a surge in popularity because of its low price (as little as $1,200) and ease of use. It’s easy to see why this treatment has become so popular: it aids healing quickly, produces no side effects, and can be administered discreetly.

The infection risk is significantly reduced compared to other cosmetic treatments because the patient’s blood is used in the operation.

Depending on where each patient is at the outset, the final results may differ for each person. People will have different outcomes because of age, health, and hormonal equilibrium. Some women may notice a significant change soon after receiving the injection, while others may see a more gradual change over time. On the other hand, numerous patients have reported the following gains from the O-shot therapy:

  • Elevated levels of arousal and desire for sexual activity
  • With increased clitoral and vaginal sensitivity, you can expect more intense climaxes
  • Urinary incontinence has become less common
  • The alleviation or complete absence of sexually-related discomfort
  • Having an orgasmic G-Spot becomes more likely
  • Significantly enhanced genital skin
  • Vulval irritation and potential skin shrinkage are symptoms of lichen sclerosis, which can be alleviated with medication

When Results Will Appear?

It is estimated that 75% and 95% of women would have an increase in sexual function after receiving an O-Shot. Most women report a rise in the intensity of their orgasms and their sense of sexual satisfaction within a few days after finishing the treatment. The optimal time for seeing the treatment’s full effects is three months. A doctor may suggest continuing treatment to get the desired results if they aren’t seen after the initial treatment.

Some patients may be pleased with the treatment results for up to four years, but others may desire to continue treatment to sustain the effects.

Patients can receive a single orgasm shot therapy, or they can return for more treatments at a later date. At least eight weeks of recovery time should follow each therapy cycle. You and your provider should talk about the possibility of more vaccinations being necessary.

Minimal Side Effects

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) reinjection seldom results in complications. Once platelet-rich plasma (PRP) has been extracted, it must be processed in a sterile environment. The possibility of a second injection is eliminated if the PRP is confirmed to be tainted.

It would be best if you did not take risks with these delicate procedures. Consequently, if you’re considering giving an O-shot treatment a shot, you should only do it under the provider of a well-trained professional.


The O-Shot may be the solution if you are one of the many women experiencing low libido and diminished vaginal sensitivity. Women disproportionately suffer from this issue. The best approach to determine if a treatment is worth it is to talk to a trained provider to make that determination. If you are considering this choice and want more information, please contact and visit KOR Aesthetics.